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Our mother sustained severe injuries due to a bad fall. As she healed in a rehabilitation center, our family knew she could no longer remain at home.  Lacking any knowledge about assisted living, we contacted Jan Steiner and asked for her help.  With a realtor’s background and years in the assisted living business, she accompanied us to several facilities, asking great questions that hadn’t occurred to us.  Within a week, we had found Mom’s new home—perfect in every way!  We are so very grateful for Jan’s knowledge and direction.  She eased our lives during this very stressful time.   Patti

My mother moved from California to Glenview, Illinois just after I started a new job. I don't know what I would have done without Jan. She served as my eyes, ears and feet by making countless phone calls and attending meetings on my behalf. Thanks to Jan my mother's move was smooth and drama-free because she paid attention to the details and had every base covered. I am so grateful and give Jan my highest recommendation!         Susan

My dad fell seriously ill, suddenly. Making placement and care choices for him after he was released from the long-term acute care hospital was something I was very unprepared to do.  Jan listened, she guided and helped me narrow the field so that my searches were focused and productive. When it was time for him to move home, she helped us find the best home health services and 24 hour live in care. Researching the best care for my father, while managing my own life and career responsibilities, was made possible because of Jan's gentle hand and sage advice, it all couldn't have gone better.        Andrea                                 

My mom wanted to move to a retirement community to be with peers. We wanted a place close by but never thought it would be within financial reach, we had no idea where to start. Jan put us in touch with the resources to seek a Veteran’s pension, which she was eligible for. We are so relieved that we talked to Jan about this. We would never have been able to do this without her guidance!        Allison                         

Jan Steiner was a tremendous help to our family.  Our father was in acute rehab after a major stroke.  According to the staff at the center and our own observations, he was progressing well.  Medicare disagreed and gave us 2 business days to find a suitable assisted living / memory care community.  We did win an appeal and kept him in acute rehab for another 10 days, but were on pins and needles that any day they would surprise us again with a quick release.  

We hired Jan to help us through this stressful and confusing process. She moved quickly and also respected our budget and timeline.  We didn’t waste time looking at communities we could not afford.  Her payment structure also ensures she is working for you. During such a stressful time, having a trusted advisor and expert on your side was exactly what we needed.  Dad is happy in his new home and we feel good about the decision to move him there."     Ellen

We hired Jan to help with a move for Mom.  We could not have made it without her. Her knowledge of what we were going through was a major comfort to us.  We welcomed her patience and good humor through what was a very stressful time for our family. We just told her recently that it was like she carried us through the whole situation.  We would recommend her service to anyone!          Mary

Working with Jan through our family’s challenges has been nothing less than wonderful.  Our 88 year old mother has been living alone in her home for over 35 years on an acre of land and virtually no neighbors to check in on her.  We three siblings each live at least 45 minutes away and though we did our best to help Mom and visit regularly, we knew we needed additional help. We turned to Jan and her expertise and she did all the research of the best agencies in my mom’s area that could provide the best in-home help.  Jan even accompanied me at my mom’s home to get to know her a bit and help suggest the positive benefits of having someone hired as a companion.  With Jan’s ability to make our mom feel comfortable with the idea and her thorough research, we found an agency that provided our mom with a wonderful companion who visits three times a week.  Our mom now looks forward to her good friend Karen coming out to visit, play gin rummy, provide nutritional food and mostly enjoy each other’s company.  We are forever grateful for Jan and her many faceted expertise, patience and guidance.              Cindy

My brother has dementia but had been able to live in his own condo for years with the help of a day time in-home caregiver.  Between the caregiver and myself, we were able to allow him to live at home until he started to wander.  I called Senior Transitions Concierge, on the advice from my attorney, and spoke with Jan.  She listened to my situation and evaluated a number of caring communities with me.  I developed a detailed list  of medical and life style requirements.  Based on the results of the interviews at the various facilities, I chose the best option for my brother. The chosen facility discounted their monthly fee due to their working relationship with Jan!  She also has a list of trusted contacts to help with the legal and move process.  I have already referred her to others who could use her help.  Jan